Off Road Cycling and Mountain Biking

Off road cycling and mountain biking is a high adrenaline sport of riding bicycles off-road. You ride over rough terrain using specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are similar to other bikes with the exception that they are designed with features that enhance performance and durability in rough terrain.

In the Township of Whitewater Region we have many rough terrain trails for off road cyclists and mountain bikers to utilize.


Within the Region we have an organized group of local outdoor enthusiasts known as the Beachburg Off Road Cycling Association (BORCA.) BORCA helps protect the current recreational resources and builds more trails for everyone to enjoy. BORCA has created over 20km in trails.

If you enjoy off road cycling and mountain biking join BORCA and click this link: or contact them via email

Cranky Kids

For children interested in off road cycling and mountain biking BORCA has a children’s program offered known as Cranky Kids. Cranky Kids is a bike club with a goal to pass on a passion for biking, outdoors, and community to the next generation of cyclists.

Interested in Cranky Kids? A direct link:

Or Contact via email

Valley Cycle Tours

Another organization for cyclists is Valley Cycle Tours, a division of Jamieson Travel and Tours. Valley Cycle Tours is also located within the Whitewater Region, in the town of Beachburg.

Valley Cycle Tours offers various cycling and mountain biking guided tours and self-guided tours.

Insert quote from website: “We are conscious of the impact our activities have on both the community and the environment and continually search for new ways in which we can improve our performance and strengthen our connection to the environments, communities and economies in which we operate.”

Link to Valley Cycle Tours:

For more information contact 613 582 7011