Ebooks and eAudiobooks


All our library patrons have access to e-books and audio books  through OverDrive an on-line download site with thousands of books available.  Patrons can download e-books to their computer or their devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.  This service is free and all that is needed is a current library card.  

To access OverDrive and start downloading please click here.


Kobo Aura H20 E-readers

Going on vacation?  Flying?  Camping?  Road Trip?  Want to take something to read but no space?  Each branch of the library has a Kobo Aura H20 E-reader available for loan.  Each E-reader comes with a carrying case and USB cable to download books.  There are some books pre-loaded on the E-reader with plenty of space for you to download your own choices from OverDrive.

The lending period for the E-reader is 14 days.  Please note that all items (E-reader, carrying case and USB cable) must be returned to the library.  There will be a charge for each piece that does not come back - $25.00 each for the USB cable or carrying case and a $100.00 should the E-reader not be returned.  The fine for overdues will be $1.00 per library day.