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Red Cross - Flooding Update

Those residents who decide to evacuate are encouraged to do so with family or friends.  Those requiring emergency lodging should contact the Red Cross at 1.866.637.4263. For affected residents, a Relief Centre at the LaPasse Parish Hall will be open on Saturday from 8 am. to 5 p.m. for coffee and tea and share information.
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Sand Bags - Flooding Update

Sand bags are available at 1798 Westmeath Road and we continue to deposit sand at numerous other locations experiencing localized flooding.  Volunteer firefighters have assisted with filling bags for pick up.  A total of 48,000 sand bags have been deployed with another 30,000 available and more on order. The Township welcomes volunteer support for
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Declaring an Emergency - Flooding Update

Mayor Moore declared an emergency last night as rising water levels pose an ongoing threat to the property, health and safety of residents.  This declaration highlights the seriousness of the situation.  Regular Township services may be affected as municipal resources are deployed to deal with the flooding emergency.  A FIRE BAN IS IN EFFECT.
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