Development & Planning

Development &Planning Department is responsible for providing a wide range of advisory and regulatory services that pertain to land use matters as well as the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and By-laws Enforcement.

The Development & Planning Department functions as one department in order to create a "one stop shopping" approach to development approvals, from initial contact through planning approvals, building approvals, completion and occupancy. It is responsible for the review and administration of applications for planning and building approvals.

The Department's overall goal is to work together to make your development project in the Township is as smooth and as seamless as possible while at the same time maintaining the best interests of the community. We strive to provide exceptional service and advice to Council, the public, developers, and the building industry.

The Department also answers all zoning requests for the Municipality, which include written responses to solicitors and financial institutions when ownership of a property is transferring, and/or for mortgage purposes.

It is strongly recommended that individuals meet with the appropriate approval authority to discuss planning related matters and/or applications to obtain clarifications on any issues. Obtaining early guidance and consultation from the appropriate approval authority on planning matters will ensure the correct information is included within applications and any other supportive documents are provided.


The benefits of the land use planning review process includes:

  • Saving time by reducing duplication between government agencies or ministries.

  • Streamlining the process by having clearly defined roles and ensuring open lines of communication.

  • Allowing for local decision making as an increasing number of municipalities or planning boards take on the responsibility for making decisions on planning applications.

  • Providing clarity through a co-ordinated provincial position on planning applications.

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