Fire Permits

The fire ban has been lifted

All current permit holders of open air burning are asked not to burn during this fire ban.  No Open Air permits will be issued until further notice.

Please keep checking to see when the fire ban will be lifted.

If you have further questions please contact the Township Office at 613-646-2282.


If you have not already filled out a burn permit application, you can do so by requesting one at the Township Office in Cobden. If you have already filled out an application for this year, you can renew the permit by calling 613-646-2282.


  • Piles are not to exceed 2m x 2m while burning.
  • No fire shall be ignited before 6 pm and must be extinguished before 8 am during the months of April to November each year without permission from Fire Chief Jonathan Wilker 613-585-0666 or Fire Prevention Officer Terry Moore 613-633-0045.
  • Daytime burning is allowed during the months of December to March each year.
  • The permit holder shall keep the permit at the site of the burning operation.
  • The person in charge of the burning operation conducted under the permit shall produce and show the permit to any Fire Official or By-Law Enforcement Officer when requested.
  • The permit may be cancelled or suspended by an officer at any time.
  • Every person who starts a fire shall ensure that he/she has adequate tools, equipment, and water to contain the fire and is present at all times while fire is ignited.
  • The permit holder is responsible at all times during the burn operation to comply with the requirements and conditions as contained within the Open Burning By-law # 13-09-648, a copy of which available at the Township Office.
  • There is absolutely no burning when fire ban is in effect.
  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure there is no fire ban in effect. This can be done by checking the Township of Whitewater Region Website or calling the office at 613-646-2282.
  • Remember to be considerate of your neighbours and the community around you. Be diligent and protect other properties from by-products of combustion such as nuisance smoke and sparks.