Solid Waste

Waste Management & Recycling for the Township includes the administration of a curb-side waste & blue box collection program as well as waste site operations.

The Township owns three (3) Landfill Sites. With both the Former Westmeath Landfill and the Cobden Landfill closed, the Ross Landfill Site, accepting solid, non-hazardous waste and located at 990 Kohlsmith Road, serves as the Township’s long-term, centralized waste disposal facility.

Ross Landfill Site hours of operation are as follows:

Each Wednesday and Saturday 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Item-specific recycling for scrap metal, electronics, scrap tires and blue box fibers and comingled items occurs at the Waste Site. Stockpiling of clean leaf, yard & brush as well as separated clean lumber is carried out for grinding purposes as well.

Refrigerated appliances such as a freezer, fridge, air conditioner, water cooler and dehumidifier are $20 per unit. These units must be de-gassed and tagged by a licensed technician prior to recycling.

Household Hazardous Waste is not accepted at the Ross Landfill Site. Each spring and fall a special one day event is held where residents can bring these items to the Ross Mineview Works Garage, located at 2271 Mineview Road, for drop off.

Landfill Site Tipping Fees

Waste Curbside Collection

Residents of the Township of Whitewater Region will receive weekly curbside collection of their household waste providing it is placed in the specially marked yellow municipal (W) bag. These bags can be purchased for $3.00 each at the following locations:

Freshmart, Beachburg Municipal Office, Cobden

Beach-West Pharmacy, Beachburg Rooney’s, Cobden

Beachburg Deli & Bakery, Beachburg Cobden Freshmart, Cobden

Annie’s, Foresters Falls Olmstead’s Home Hardware, Cobden

Lacroix’s Store, LaPasse J.R’s Country Store, Cheneaux

Kenny’s Store, Westmeath Mullen’s Esso, Pembroke

Yellow (W) bags should be placed at curbside on a publically maintained road by 7:00 am. Bags must be properly tied, unbroken and shall not weigh more than 20 kg. It may be placed inside a can or receptacle.

Yellow (W) bags will be collected as per the waste collection schedule. On a week in which a statutory holiday falls, all regularly scheduled pick-ups will be pushed back one day later.

Garbage Pick-up Days

Recycling Curbside Collection

The Township offers bi-weekly curbside collection of blue box recyclables. Blue boxes must be placed at curbside on a publically maintained road by 7:00 am.

Please ensure you place your comingled container recyclables (plastic bottles, tubs & lids, glass bottles & jars and metal food & beverage cans) in their own blue box separate from your blue box for fiber recyclables (boxboard, papers, magazines, etc.). Don’t forget to bundle you’re cardboard and larger boxboard.

Styrofoam is considered a waste product.

For further information please refer to the Recycling Guide

Please note that curbside pick up of recycling for the areas of the former township of Ross, including Foresters Falls, Haley Station and Haley Town Site, is now on Tuesday instead of Friday effective the week of July 8.  We thank everyone for their patience during this transition.  All other collection schedules remain the same.

Township of Whitewater Region (613) 646-2282